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52 Beck/LeClercq RSW Seiner SN175
52 x 15 BECK / LECLERCQ. Twin John Deere 6076 300 hp diesels. Twin Disc gear. MER 24 kW genset. Packs 47,000 lbs. Alaska Cold Cell 20-ton RSW. Complete seine deck gear. (5) Single berths plus master stateroom. Head w/ shower. Full electronics w/ autopilot. Lots of spare parts! Seine skiff & Bulletproof net available. Located Valdez, Alaska.
$675,000 NEW LISTING 08-27-20

56 Pacific Fisherman LL106
56 x 16-3 PACIFIC FISHERMAN. Cummins 6-cyl 250 hp w/ 5,000 - 7,000 hrs on 2008 rebuild. New prop, shafts, bearings & rudder shafts / bearings. Twin Disc gear. Packs 60,000 lbs in single glassed & tanked hold. Aluminum bait shed. Extra heavyweight LL reel w/ levelwind. Baiting tables. Nordic hauler. Picking boom w/ Rollerstater winch. (5) Berths. Enclosed head. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Camera / computer system for NMFS Observer program. Lots of upgrades, ask for list! Located Ketchikan, Alaska.
$195,000 NEW LISTING 08-13-20

57 Maki Bros. RSW Seiner SN174
57 x 17 MAKI BROTHERS. John Deere 12.5L 330 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG-514 gear. Isuzu 40 kW & Isuzu 15 kW gensets. Flush deck. Packs 85,000 lbs in (2) holds. Cold Sea 20-ton RSW. Full seine deck equipment, Mustad autobaiter & 24" Nordic hauler. (7) Berths in (2) staterooms. Head w/ shower. Located Wrangell, Alaska.

38 Rawson Seiner SN148
38 x 13-4 RAWSON. Needs work. Boat was partially filled w/ water while dry-docked. Lugger 6466-A 300 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG-507 gear. 3-station steering & controls. Pullmaster winches. Kolstrand seine block. Dickinson Pacific range. (4) Berths. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Located Seward, Alaska. 

37 Wegley Gillnetter GN792
37 x 13 WEGLEY. Completely rebuilt w/ Nida-Core honeycomb construction, needs to be finished! Volvo 122D 480 hp w/ 0 hrs on rebuild. ZF 1.5:1 gear w/ troll valve. 18 kt top speed @ 2000 RPM & 20 GPH. Flush deck. Packs 20,000 lbs in (11) insulated holds plumbed for RSW. (4) Berths. 600 gal fuel in (2) new aluminum tanks. Available: reel w/ levelwind, Kolstrand power roller, 12' boom w/ PL-2 winch, SS pot / longline hauler & more! Located Seward, Alaska.
$145,000 PRICE REDUCED 08-12-20

58 Marine Power & Equipment RSW Seiner SN171
58 x 18 MARINE POWER & EQUIPMENT. Steel seiner / crabber, aluminum tophouse. 2010 Cummins 500 hp diesel w/ 15,200 hrs. Twin Disc gear. Isuzu & Lugger gensets. Flush deck. Packs 100,000 lbs in (2) RSW holds. 2014 IMS 25-ton RSW. Wagner steering & MMC controls. 8 kt cruise & 12 kt top speed. Slide crab davit. Kolstrand deck winch. (2) Purse line rollers. (2) Picking booms & (1) main. Sleeps 6. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Located Petersburg, Alaska.

38 Delta Marine RSW Seiner SN168
38 x 12-9 DELTA MARINE. Turn-key vessel! Volvo TAMD 61-A 280 hp diesel. Twin Disc 2:1 gear. Isuzu genset w/ 20 kW Lima Mac generator, new 2016. Packs 28,000 lbs in (2) RSW holds. IMS 10-ton RSW, new 2016. Full seine equipment. Complete electronics w/ ComNav autopilot. Sleeps (4). Located Kodiak, Alaska.

45 Kings Point RSW Seiner SN170
45 x 18 KINGS POINT.  Volvo Penta 122A w/ 13,000 hrs. Twin Disc 3.28:1 gear. Packs 69,000 lbs in (2) RSW holds. 2013 Pac West 15-ton RSW. Fully equipped to seine. (6) Berths. Enclosed head w/ shower. Complete electronics w/ ComNav autopilot. Available as PWS Seine Pkg - $535,000 includes: (2) seine skiffs, PWS Seine permit, & seine. Located Valdez, Alaska.

42 Delta / LeClercq RSW Seiner SN169
42 x 13-9 DELTA / LECLERCQ. John Deere 6090AFM75 425 hp diesel, new 2014. Twin Disc 2:1 gear. Packs 35,000 lbs. IMS 7.5-ton RSW, new 2014. Full seine deck gear. (6) Berths & enclosed head w/ shower. ComNav autopilot. Available as Chignik Seine Pkg - $400,000 includes Chignik Seine permit, 17' Browns skiff w/ 175 hp Suzuki & 125 ftm purse seine. Located Kodiak, Alaska.
$300,000 REDUCED PKG PRICE 08-24-20

33 Kachemak Marine Cook Inlet Seine Pkg SN147
32-5 x 10-5 KACHEMAK WELDING. Cummins 6BT5.9 210 hp diesel. Marco 19" seine block. Pullmaster winches. Kolstrand capstan w/ line puller. 2-station hydraulic helm w/ Morse controls. Vickers 12-gal hydro pump. (4) Bunks. Includes seine, 14' skiff w/ trailer, and Cook Inlet Seine permit. Located Homer, Alaska.

58 Union Bay Boat Works Pkg LL088
57-9 x 27 UNION BAY BOAT WORKS. Excellent for longline, seine, pot, tender! Vessel rebuilt in 2007. Cummins KTA 19-M3 main 640 hp. Teknotherm 20-ton RSW. Packs 95,000 lbs in (2) holds. Shelter deck. LLPs included! Located Seattle, Washington.
$1,075,000 INCLUDES LLPs!

47 Beck RSW Seiner SN161
47 x 15 BECK. 2014 Scania 450 hp diesel w/ 4900 hrs. 2014  ZF 500 2:1 gear. 2012 IMS 12-ton RSW. Packs 40,000 lbs in (2) RSW holds. Major refit by sloth in 2014! All new deck, picking booms, winches, stainless steering, fuel & hydro lines, fuel tanks, insulated holds. Also available: 19' Calhoun seine skiff w/ 315 hp Cummins & Traktor jet, and 225 ftm 3-strip seine. Located Homer, Alaska.

45 Hansen RSW Seiner/Longliner SN164
45 x 14 HANSEN. CAT 3306 250 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc MG-508 2:1 gear. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Kolstrand SW1N deck winch. Sikich power block. Topping and vanging winches. Sleeps (5). Available as PWS Seine package for $425,000. Available after 2020 season. Located Cordova, Alaska.

42 Sunnfjord Combo Vessel GN720
42 x 13 SUNNFJORD. Seine / gillnet / longline / crab. Mann Twin Turbos. Packs 18,000 lbs. 4 x 5 KEM drive reel. Power roller. 19" seine block. Kolstrand double capstan deck winch. Topping winch. Main & picking booms. Removable custom Sunnfjord seine deck. Located Kenai, Alaska.

44 Sunnfjord RSW Seiner SN156
44 x 12-6 SUNNFJORD. John Deere 6081 300 hp diesel w/ 6300 hrs. Twin Disc gear. IMS 15-ton RSW. Flush deck. Packs 32,000 lbs. Complete seine gear. Marine head w/ shower. Available: PWS permit, aluminum skiff w/ 2019 Suzuki outboard, Bulletproof seine. Motivated seller, make offer! Located Homer, Alaska.

38 Delta LeClercq Seiner / Gillnetter SN163
38 x 13-5 DELTA LECLERCQ. Volvo 61A 325 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc marine gear. 2-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Morse cable controls. New Isuzu 10kW gen set. PTL2 picking boom. (4) berths. Marine head. Flush deck. (4) Insulated, tankable holds. Located Craig, Alaska.

40 Beck Marine Seiner SN149
40 x 12-9 BECK MARINE. Lugger L6108-BT 325 hp diesel. Twin Disc gear. 2-Station helm w/ Wagner steering & Morse controls. Kolstrand seine block, Kolstrand warping winch, Kinematic vanging winch, PullMaster brailing winch, Bloom S-8 topping winch. Packs 25,000 lbs. Jabsco marine head. Sleeps (4). Located Chignik, Alaska.

38 Delta/LeClercq RSW Seiner SN108
38 x 13-3 DELTA / LECLERCQ. John Deere 6068 225 hp diesel w/ 4340 hrs. Engine needs work. MER Equipment 19 kW genset. IMS 12-ton RSW. Packs 20,000 lbs in RSW hold. Full seine deck equipment. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. Chignik Seine permit available. Located Chignik, Alaska.

38 Rawson Seiner SN155
38 x 13-5 RAWSON SEINER. Cummins 6BTA turbo-charged 260 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG506 gear. 3-Station Wagner hydraulic steering. Packs 28,000 lbs. Kolstrand SW1N deck winch. Bloom L-8 boom and topping winches. Marco 19 seine block. Sleeps (4). Motivated seller, make offer! Located Homer, Alaska.

46 Delta/LeClercq PWS Seine Package SN152
46 x 13 DELTA LECLERCQ. Major refit in 2014. Volvo Penta TAMD 122A 320 hp turbo diesel rebuilt 2014. Twin Disc 509 gear. 2014 Lugger genset. IMS 18-ton RSW. Packs 33,000 lbs. Main and (2) picking booms. Pullmaster winches. Marco seine block. Kolstrand deck winch w/ pot hauler. Kolstrand davit. All new electronics in 2014. Cabin and top house interiors new 2014. Includes boat, skiff, seine, PWS permit. Located Cordova, Alaska. 

42 LaConner RSW Gillnet/Longline/Seine GN683
42 x 14 LACONNER. 2017 CAT C9.3 475 hp diesel w/ Twin Disc gear. IMS 12-ton RSW. Packs 28,000 lbs. Kinematics Twister drive levelwind reel. Maritime Fab power roller. Includes seine & longline deck gear. Complete electronics w/ autopilot. (4) berths. Marine head w/ shower. Located Homer, Alaska.

58 Peterson Steel Tender / Longliner SN140
58 x 21 PETERSON. Fully equipped to tender & longline. Packs 90,000 lbs salmon. John Deere 425 hp diesel. (2) John Deere gensets. Commercial Shearing 117 gal hydro pump. IMS 30-ton RSW. Located Kodiak, Alaska.

38 Ledford RSW Seiner SN143
38 x 13 LEDFORD. Seine / longline / jig / pots. John Deere 6068 175 hp diesel. Twin Disc MG506 gear. IMS 7.5-ton RSW. Packs 27,000 lbs in insulated RSW hold. All aluminum and reinforced rigging. Turn key! Skiff, seine & PWS seine permit available. Located Prince William Sound, Alaska. 
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